Thursday, June 23, 2011

aziz & enlarged occipital lymph nodes

Salam alaikum!

Semalam masa tengah bermesra dengan aziz, tetiba perasansesuatu kat belakang kepalanya. macam kacang. mula2 ingat kepala benjol(sebab dia terhantuk sikit semalam) Biase la umo aziz ni, umo kuat bergerak, & nak discover benda baru je. Satu benda tak best menjadi medical student: kite selalu akan fikir worst case scenario dulu! ni semua gara2 pbl! :p (contohye kalau baby demam, mule la start fikir, sebab meningitis ke?) adeh2. shuh2

oklah.jadi jalan seterusnye ialah dengan bertanya kepada mr. google yg hensem.hehe. cari punya cari, terjumpalah mende ni.
occipital lymph node kat belakang telinga

extractnye di bawah:

In children, lymph nodes enlarge or become more noticeable when the child’s immune system is working. Since the immune system filters the build up of old cells and germs the area around an enlarged lymph node should be checked for a break in skin integrity or an infection. (1) An enlarged lymph node in the child’s neck area could reflect that a child has a throat or ear infection. Enlargement of lymph nodes in the occipital region or at the nape of the neck could be due to a scratch on the child's scalp, Eczema, Seborrhea, Cradle Cap, a bug bite or Rubella ( German Measles). If your baby was immunized with the MMR vaccine("R" stands for Rubella) Rubella is not likely. Sometimes lymph nodes swell because there is a tick embedded under skin in that area. If you notice an enlarged lymph node at the nape of your child’s neck it is a good idea to inspect the head and scalp. Enlarged lymph nodes in a child should be evaluated and followed by your baby’s Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

When babies are teething and put their hands in their mouth, they increase their risk of developing an infection. Repeatedly putting hands in your mouth introduces germs to the body from the environment. In some cases a baby can fight these germs on their own and in other cases the germs may be due to bacteria which would require medical intervention. Since your baby is putting his hands in his mouth he could have picked up a germ which is causing his lymph nodes to swell. Many times slight lymph node enlargement is a good sign that tells us that the baby’s immune system is working. It becomes a concern when the increased size persists, if it continues to enlarge or if a child develops other signs along with lymph node swelling. If your child develops fever, a stiff neck, pain, decreased activity level, decrease oral intake, vomiting, diarrhea, a red swollen lymph node, rash or fatigue you should bring him to the Doctor’s office for an evaluation.

Baca punya baca, ummu aziz pun merasa sedikit lega. so bukan lump la.. alhamdulillah..sebab aziz memang ada eczema, scratching his scalp.n he looovee to bite his hand! ok..semenanye saje je kongsi info ni..buat ibu2 di luar sana.

dats it! wassalam..

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